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Pet Supplies

If you are looking for anything for your dog such as toys, crates, beds, leads and collars etc. have a look here, you can get anything you need for your dog at very good prices

On this page I will post any information that you might find useful, It is currently under construction so it may appear a bit bare at the moment.


The question asked most is 'What do you feed your dogs?'

My dogs are fed on a raw natural diet which includes raw meat, raw chicken carcass, minced raw vegetables, cooked potatoes, pasta or rice, preferably brown or good quality wholemeal mixer.

They do have a complete food for breakfast so when travelling or in an emergency they are used to eating it. The only one I would use is Gentle, it is designed to be fed alongside a raw diet as it has not been cooked like most complete foods so it still contains the enzymes and vitamins your dog needs for good health, cooking destroys these. Gentle is pasteurised as milk is. the only small downside of this is that the shelf life is only six months. Gentle is available online with delivery being two or three days. My dogs like it so much I can use it as titbits when training.

Collar, Harness or Headcollar

The sooner a puppy is introduced to wearing a collar the better. Some puppies wear identification collars at the breeders, if not put a collar on your puppy when you bring him home.

As your puppy gets older  and bigger you may have a problem with pulling, training is required but in the meantime a head collar will help immensely.

The head collar I prefer is a Gentle Leader, it consists of just two straps, one round the neck and the other goes round the nose. Both straps are fully adjustable and as the nose strap sits further back than with a lot of headcollars it suits shorter nosed breeds.

Harnesses are fine on small (toy) dogs but with larger dogs it can encourage pulling, after all what do they put on Sled dogs? Also the lead is attached just behind the shoulder blades so the dog is able to spin round. A Gentle Leader controls the head and makes the dog more 'steerable'.

Gentle Leaders are available on Amazon.

Please do not use a choke chain, dogs are either gasping to breath or you pulling on it can seriously damage your dog.

I am often asked 'What do you use?' If I think a product is good I shall pass it on

with the reason why I think it is a good product.