Private Lessons:

People have a private or a one to one lesson for various reasons.

You may find it difficult to get to classes due to work or family commitments, I can come to you at a time convenient to you, evenings and weekends included.

You may want to concentrate on specialist training such as Ringcraft, Working trials or Gundog training for example.

By far the most common reason for having a private consultation is that your dog has some sort of behavioural problem, some of the things I can help with include:

These are only a selection of problems that can be displayed by dogs. If your dog is doing something you do not like it is a problem and it is usually possible to help with the situation.

Please feel free to phone or email me to talk about any help you may need, there is no such thing as a silly problem.                         


This is the highest level of achievement in the scheme and develops more advanced training skills of  the dog and handler.

How We Can Help

  • Play with the Dog
  • Road Walk
  • Rejoin Handler
  • Stay in One Place for Two Minutes
  • Vehicle Control
  • Walking in a Controlled Manner
  • Stay for Ten Seconds
  • Take Article Away From Puppy
  • Food Manners
  • Stop the Dog
  • Relaxed Isolation
  • Food Manners
  • Examination of the Dog
  • Responsibility and Care
  • Cleanliness and Identification
  • Collar and Lead
  • Walk on Lead
  • Control at Door/Gate
  • Controlled Walk Amongst People and Dogs
  • Chewing
  • Jumping Up
  • House Training
  • Reluctance to Get Into the Car
  • General Behaviour

Puppy Foundation

Aims to provide a means of socialising puppies and to lay down a foundation for education and training.

Your first stop for dog training

  • Responsibility and Care 
  • Cleanliness and Identification
  • Attentive Response to Name
  • Play With the Puppy
  • Come Away From Distractions
  • Controlled Greeting
  • Food Manners
  • Examination of the Dog
  • Responsibility and Care
  • Road Walk
  • Return to Handlers Side
  • Walk Free Beside Handler
  • Stay Down in One Place
  • Send the Dog to Bed


Classes are held on Mondays and last for one hour. The only times they are not held is on Bank Holidays and a three week break over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

The majority of dog owners come along to weekly classes. It is not a course so you are able to start coming whenever you want. Puppies can start after their first vaccination, we are able to offer this as the venue is private and the only dogs that use it have all been vaccinated.

Socialisation within the first twelve weeks is advisable so being able to start early is beneficial for your puppy. Very young puppies (under 12 weeks) are not forced into doing anything they are not sure of and I take care to ensure that they have only good experiences with other puppies and older dogs.

Classes are based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme but we have fun with extra disciplines such as tricks and basic agility. (Puppies under a year old should not be jumping excessively).

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme consists of:


The aim is to build upon the skills learned in the Bronze Award whilst increasing the level of difficulty.

  • Stay for One Minute
  • Grooming
  • Examination of the Dog
  • Return to Handler
  • Responsibility and Care


Emphasis is placed on the handler's ability to handle, control and generally care for their dog in a domestic environment. Some exercises will be extensions of the Puppy Foundation Award.

  • Socialisation
  • Handling and Inspection to Maintain Health
  • Puppy Recall
  • Basic Puppy Positions
a well trained dog is a happy dog
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Excessive Pulling on the Lead
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Mouthing or Biting You or Your Clothing
  • Being Fearful Of or Being Aggressive to Other Dogs or People